e-yantra Lab Details

The laboratory is designed as a scalable and sustainable approach that addresses infrastructure creation and teacher training - aimed to create an eco-system at the college to impart effective engineering education. The prime objective of the laboratory is to make available the learners a conducive platform to learn basic concepts in embedded systems and micro controller programming by the means of a robotic kit and accessories.

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club was initiated on 13th April 2018 under the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The Faculty coordinators are
  1. Dr. K. Ravindra. (Mechanical Engineering, Head of the Department)
  2. Dr. N. Naga Malleswara Rao. (Information Technology)
  3. Dr. R. Sreenivasulu. (Mechanical Engineering)
  4. Dr. C. Tara Sasanka. (Mechanical Engineering)

Student organizers are
  1. G. Kundan Sai Datta Prasad (Y17ME063)
  2. V. Krishna Teja (Y17ME167)
  3. G. Raghava Rao (Y17ME054)

Student coordinators are
  1. N. Badari Sai Surya Teja (Y15ME903)
  2. M. Bhargav (Y15ME980)
  3. B. Revanth Kumar (Y15EE816)

The members of the Robotics club are

Sl. No. Name Student - Id
1 D. Raghava Babu Y16CS823
2 B. Sai Avinash Y16EC810
3 L. Chandana Y16EC881
4 Ch. V. S. N. S. L. A. Yesaswini Y16EC824
5 B. Anusha Y16EC811
6 G. Kundan Datta Prasad Y17ME063
7 V. Krishna Teja Y17ME167
8 G. Raghava Rao Y17ME054
9 N. Mohit Sai Y17ME115
10 V. Venkata Kishore Y17ME171
11 K. Mohana Hemanth Y17ME106
12 K. Aparna Y17ME077
13 G. Chihnita Y17ME062
14 P. Vijay Kanth Y17ME120
15 G. Naga Phani Sreevatsava Y17IT035
16 B. Krishna Sowmya Y17IT009
17 D. Salman Y17IT025
18 G. Adi Lakshmi Y17IT038
19 M. Leela Kali Manasai Y17IT066
20 T. Deepika Y17IT104
21 P. Durga Bhavani Y17EC129
22 K. Prasad Y17EC067
23 Ch. Ajay Kumar Y17EC025
24 A. Varun Kumar L18EE182

The list of events we participated in is
  1. Phototron
  2. Conducted by Techniche at IIT Guwahati.
    Prize won - 1st prize.
    Cash Prize - Rs. 15000/-
  3. Mobile Controlled Robotics
  4. Conducted by Technozion at NIT Warangal
    Prize won - 2nd Prize
    Cash Prize - Rs. 4000/-
  5. Line Follower
  6. Conducted by Technozion at NIT Warangal
  7. Jahaaz
  8. Conducted by Technozion at NIT Warangal
  9. Copter Valor
  10. Conducted by Technozion at NIT Warangal



List of Equipment in Robotics Lab
Sl. No. Description
1 FireBird V 2560
2 Spark V Robot
3 Fire Bird V P89V51RD2 adapter card
4 Fire Bird V LPC2148 adapter card
5 ZigBee Modules 100m range
6 ZigBee Modules adapter
7 Metal-gear servo Motors
8 Servo Motor based Gripper Kit for the Fire Bird V Robot
9 Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F infrared range sensor (10 cm to 80 cm)
10 Shipping Charges