Dr. A.Srikrishna

Designation: Professor & Head
Date of Birth: 06-09-64
Date of Joining: 28-08-1995
Research Interests: Image Processing & Computer Vision, Information Security and Algorithms

  • Ph.D, JNTUK, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • M.Tech, JNTUH, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • AMIE(ECE), Institute of Engineers, Kolkata, India
Total teaching experience in this college: 28 Years and 7 Months.

Total experience : 33 Years and 7 Months. (as on 13-04-2024)

Contact Details:
EMail: ask @ rvrjc.ac.in
Phones: +91 8632288254 Ext: 350 (O)

Internal R&D Project Sanctioned
Sl. No. Project Title Funding Agency Principal Investigator/ Coordinator Co-Investigator Amount
Sanctioned in Rs.
1 MODROBS-IoT AICTE Dr. A.Srikrishna -- Rs. 5,16,000/- Ongoing
2 Skeleton based Shape Representation Techiniques for Object Recognition UGC MRP Dr. A.Srikrishna Dr. M.Pompapathi Rs. 10,25,000/- Completed
3 Voice Over Internet Protocol Lab AICTE Dr. A.Srikrishna -- Rs. 5,00,000/- Completed

Patents Granted/Published
Sl. No. Patent Title Applicant's/
Inventor's Name
Country Name Patent Application No. Term of Patent Date of Filing Date of Publication Status
1 Method and System for Providing Multimodal Interaction Assisted Autonomous Intelligent Virtual Assistant Dr. A. Srikrishna India 202441006264 -- 31/01/2024 09/02/2024 Published

Workshops Attended

  • Attended 25 Years of NIWeek 2019 workshop at Austin, Texas during May 20-23, 2019.

  • Total Journals & Conferences (73) (Scopus Indexed-40, SCI/SCIE-7, Web of Science-15, UGC-14)

    International/National Journals (44) (Scopus Indexed-20, SCI/SCIE-6, Web of Science-10, UGC-13)
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    International/National Conferences (22) (Scopus Indexed-8, Web of Science-5)
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    Faculty as Resource persons:
    • Dr. A.Srikrishna, Professor acted as Resource Persons at AICTE sponsored two week FDP on 'Digital Image Processing for Medical Images' conducted by SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram, on 6th August, 2019. In this FDP, Dr. A.Srikrishna handled seminars on 'Morphological Image Processing', and 'Shape Representation techniques using Mathematical Morphology'
    Subjects Taught
      Problem Solving with C
      Digital Logic Design
      Computer Organization
      Data Sturctures
      Design and Analysis of Algorithms
      Digital Image Processing
      System Software
      Interactive Computer Graphics
      Parallel Computing
      Microprocessors & Interfacing
      Embedded Systems
      Computer Networks
      Computer Vision
      Automata Theory and Formal Languages
    Books Published:
    1. Dr.M.Pompapathi, Dr.A.Srikrishna, Dr.B.Eswara Reddy, authored a book entitled "Nonlinear EdgeDetectors for Noisy Images", published by LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2019, ISBN - 978-620-0-07826-1
    2. Dr.A.Srikrishna, Dr.M.Pompapthi, Sri G.Srinivasa Rao authored a book entitled "Parametric Based Morphological Transformation for Contrast Enhancement" published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN - 978-620-2-01347-5